My Favorite Quotes
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 Earl Klugh - “I didn't know what I wanted to do next as far as records. I felt I had a writing block, and I wanted to do something new and fresh.”
 Earl Klugh - “I'll play stuff all the way from the beginning to now. I really enjoy that because for me, the show has more variety when we do that.”
 Earl Klugh - “The electric guitar is not my instrument. Really, the nylon strings is where I have my voice. It's like asking the piano player why he doesn't play the organ.”
 Earl Klugh - “Whatever piece I write and record, I feel a certain way about it, and it's really nice to run into people who say they like it too. That's the whole reason I do this for a living. I want to try to communicate these feelings and have people feel the same way as I do.”