My Favorite Quotes
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 Kevin Knaul - “Instead we have a moderate January -- the weather is unbelievably nice, 15 to 20 degrees above normal -- that certainly factors into personal finance because people weren't going to be hit as hard. That gives people a positive outlook and makes people feel better about what is going on.”
 Kevin Knaul - “There's going to be fantastic opportunities for people who heeded the warnings about diversifying their skill sets and understanding the business. Those folks will put themselves in a great situation. But those folks focused on a specific technology run the risk of finding themselves in a tighter market and tighter circumstances.”
 Kevin Knaul - “They need to get out of the server room and spend more time understanding the business aspects and the ramifications of technology decisions that are being made. Those skill sets and experiences are becoming more in demand. Go beyond the technology and involve yourself in committees, organizations and the whole business operation.”