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 Lynn Cooknell - “The Heart Association helped us bring it together.”
 Gary Knell - “I think to be honest, we are much happier with the new leadership at Kmart.”
 Gary Knell - “We totally support Kmart and hope that they pull through this dilemma. Our products have always performed very well, and we hope to continue our relationship with them.”
 Jack Bicknell - “Offense is such a game of execution and that's what we need to improve. It's a matter of executing in all areas. We have to bring it all together and I think we can do that.”
 Jack Bicknell - “I thought he did a great job. He missed a couple (of passes) and he forced one that was a bonehead play. Other than that, he did a great job running the offense.”
 Jack Bicknell - “I thought he did a great job, ... He missed a couple (of passes) and he forced one that was a bonehead play. Other than that, he did a great job running the offense.”
 Jack Bicknell - “I thought all three played really well,”
 James Cracknell - “Every time the phone goes I hope it's someone to tell me I'll get the laptop back.”
 James Cracknell - “With Matthew Pinsent it used to drive me mad that every time he ate his cereal he tapped his teeth with his spoon. Luckily we won't have any cereal on board. It's better that we don't know each other, as there will be more to discover.”
 Jack Bicknell - “They're going to basically share some time,”
 Jack Bicknell - “That was two turnovers down in our own end that put the game out of reach. And both of those, nine out of 10 times aren't going to happen.”
 Jack Bicknell - “We didn't run the ball as well as we have. Offensively we didn't do a great job today.”
 Jack Bicknell - “We need to regroup and get back in the hunt. We felt like we beat a good Hawaii team last week and I still feel like we have a good team. We didn't play particularly well today, but it's far from over.”
 Brud Bicknell - “I don't know if there's a bias toward the Virginia Beach players or other areas that are renowned for skill players, but it seems to be very hard for a skill position player out of Central Virginia to be recruited. I don't understand it, really. The linemen seem to be fine but not the skill players.”
 Jack Bicknell - “Seneca did a wonderful job (against Kansas). They don't know, but they say he's very doubtful for New Mexico State. We're discussing (all our options) now and will go through it the next couple of weeks.”
 Jack Bicknell - “He said, 'Coach, the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders.”
 Jack Bicknell - “As far as their character, you can't beat either of those two guys, ... Both of them bring something and having two starters is a positive. You don't have to worry about the first guy going down.”
 James Cracknell - “Four years of emotion went into those six minutes out there,”
 Jack Bicknell - “The whole recruiting process is always a stressful deal. You start getting paranoid, but the beautiful thing is we got all of them in.”
 Jack Bicknell - “And if they both give us an opportunity (to win), they'll both play all year long.”
 Jack Bicknell - “I've got to figure out who is the best guy to give us an opportunity to win,”
 Jack Bicknell - “That was big. That last sack (by Cooks) and not getting at least a field goal. It was a great opportunity, we just didn't get it done.”
 Jack Bicknell - “The bottom line is both of those guys are going to be playing like we did last year. They're both going to get an opportunity.”
 Jack Bicknell - “I still think that we're in good shape physically and mentally. We've just been practicing a lot at night, because that's when we'll play most of our games.”
 Jack Bicknell - “I don't think that Kansas is susceptible to anything on defense and we've got to improve offensively. Florida is a good team and they did a good job against us, but we can't continue to play like we did on Saturday night.”

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