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 Keira Knightley - “I think every girl is looking for her Mr Darcy.”
 Keira Knightley - “History was always my favorite subject anyway, and I love reading, kind of, biographies and that sort of stuff.”
 James Knightley - “Inflationary pressures are gradually easing, which should offer scope for interest rate cuts, but near-term relative economic strength has led us to pencil in the first cut coming in May rather than in the first quarter.”
 Keira Knightley - “They're all fab and they tell me when I'm acting up and laugh at me as much as possible, which is important.”
 Keira Knightley - “I think every girl is looking for her Mr. Darcy.”
 Keira Knightley - “When I was about 5 I think, I desperately wanted to be a pirate and have the hat and everything.”
 Keira Knightley - “It's not everyday you get to do a pirate movie, you might as well go for it.”
 Keira Knightley - “She really thought what she and Jamie had was love, but it just wasn't meant to be.”
 Keira Knightley - “I have just seen George Clooney outside and thought that was quite cool.”
 Keira Knightley - “I thought, God, it's a strong person who says, 'Yes, you can take my name and you can do with it what you want,' ... I wanted to create a character who would be able to say that, because I know that I wouldn't.”
 Keira Knightley - “I like my stomach, but it's really annoying because apparently, now, you're not allowed to show your stomach, because it's considered vulgar and fashion magazines say you can't anymore.”
 Keira Knightley - “I can't actually walk, but I can stand rather well.”
 Keira Knightley - “Yes, I have breasts. So does 50 of the population. Do we really have to waste time talking about mine I don't think so.”
 Keira Knightley - “(I am) really proud to have been asked to work with such an iconic house as Chanel, and thrilled to follow the extraordinary women who have been associated with it before.”
 Keira Knightley - “There were three women standing there with their bums facing me, ... Talk about a surreal moment. You're literally choosing the best bum in the bunch.”
 Keira Knightley - “For me it is a story about growing up, making mistakes and falling in love and I think that's as relevant today as it was 200 years ago.”
 Keira Knightley - “I was supposed to be gutted but that's all nonsense. I'm happy as I am. I'm single and not looking for anything. I have a great collection of mates I can talk to,”
 James Knightley - “Hurricane insurance payouts will not recur, we expect the deficit to narrow sharply again in Q4 2005. The negative impact on sterling from today's release should be short-lived.”
 James Knightley - “Hurricane insurance payouts will not recur, we expect the deficit to narrow sharply again in Q4 2005. Therefore the negative impact on sterling from today's release should be short-lived.”
 Keira Knightley - “You go back to the sort of Errol Flynn movies, and the real swashbuckling kind of things, and yeah, I knew about them.”
 James Knightley - “Euro-zone data flow this morning will encourage further hawkish rhetoric from the ECB.”
 Keira Knightley - “I'm British, so the whole sex scene and being topless is fine. In fact, to be able to do that in the middle of the desert was quite liberating. And to do it with a beautiful Venezuelan well, let's just say I'm a lucky girl.”
 Keira Knightley - “All of us can do something to support this fantastic work and it will make a real difference.”
 Keira Knightley - “which opens Friday. ''I have people telling me I'm a role model. That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard in my life. Don't turn a 20-year-old into a role model because we're going to make mistakes. How could you not You'd be a freak if you didn't.”
 Keira Knightley - “I did. A couple of times. Maybe twice before we actually started. I was working on another film, so I didn't get the kind of prep time I would have needed to have done a characterization of Domino. Actually Tony said just to make up your own character. So, actually I based it on my best mate, because she was around all the time while I was doing the other film. And I would look at her and go, 'OK, I can keep her in my head.' And then I could do it. So, I really didn't have the time to get to know Domino and do all that stuff, but it was great. She sent me pictures of her and taped interviews and stuff like that. Just so I had an idea of what she thinks with and the stories, her stories. It was really, really helpful. And then I combined that with my best friend and did it that way.”

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