My Favorite Quotes
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 Rand Pecknold - “That was a big momentum switch for us. We hadn't been getting any good bounces even though we were playing well. The Leitch goal was a good bounce and you need to have those if you're going to win games.”
 Rand Pecknold - “Colgate has some good hockey players and did a great job tonight.”
 Rand Pecknold - “I thought Boucher was the best player on the ice that game. He was always around the puck. I kept noticing him on what seemed like every play.”
 Rand Pecknold - “I thought (Fisher) was one of our keys to the game. RPI had that caged animal thing going after the first period.”
 Rand Pecknold - “Thats a big-time goalie right there. If we scored early, it may have been a different game. We had a lot of chances. Sometimes they dont go in the net.”
 Rand Pecknold - “It was one of the better (goals) I've seen in a long, long time. It was pretty unique.”
 Mark Knold - “That's a good thing. That means people are working and need help paying someone to watch their kids.”
 Rand Pecknold - “Its hard to know what will happen. Will the first game add fuel to the fire, or will it go in the other direction and be a letdown But I think this is a nice rivalry and something to look forward to for many years to come.”
 Mark Knold - “It certainly fits the expected pattern. We've been in a strong economy for over a year now. But it usually takes awhile for the economy to absorb the excess out there, people who have been idle and unemployed.”
 Mark Knold - “There's been slight moderation, but that's just minor movement at a very high level. It's like a high-flying airplane coming down a little bit. You're still flying pretty high.”
 Rand Pecknold - “Its hard to feel good after a loss, even when you play as well as you can. It was a game we could have won.”
 Rand Pecknold - “Its an exciting time, but I keep trying to ground myself in anticipation of the real big event of opening the building. I found that early on, Id come here and you want more things to get done, and then you come back a couple weeks later and there is more done, but you realize its something you cant control. You just have to stop worrying about it and wait until we drop the first puck.”