My Favorite Quotes
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 Pieter Knook - “As the Office 2007 PC versions of those applications improve, we're tracking that on the Windows Mobile side.”
 Pieter Knook - “We're at the tipping point of seeing exponential growth in this area, with a number of factors coming together to make this happen -- from less costly and more varied devices to wider adoption of mobile data among mobile professionals.”
 Pieter Knook - “You may have the best technology, but if you've never told anybody, you don't get any credit for it. That's not something you fix overnight.”
 Pieter Knook - “We are delighted to be working with Vodafone to deliver a mobile messaging solution for a diverse range of business customers. It's an exciting time for companies that are now realizing the true business potential of mobile solutions for both the business and for their employees. Our combined teams are focused on delivering the most compelling and innovative mobile solutions to meet these customer demands.”
 Pieter Knook - “Our mobile version starts with work productivity MS Office and Exchange. With mobile we extend that beyond what is available the PC. It is all about having the ability to take Office on the road with you.”