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 Carol Knowles - “We don't believe they belong to the state. We believe if someone can make use of them, who needs them, that's great, but we don't think the state should have to pay for them.”
 Beyonce Knowles - “Y'all are so cute and y'all talk so proper over here. I love England.”
 Beyonce Knowles - “Love is something that never goes out of style. It's something everybody experiences, and if they are not in love, people usually want to feel that. So if you hear the album, it's very romantic.”
 Beyonce Knowles - “We live in different cities. But we started -- and most people don't know this -- when we were 9 years old. It's been amazing, the things that we've accomplished. There just comes a point where you have to challenge yourself and try new things. ... But we're still best friends.”
 Harry Knowles - “The movies are fine. It's George W. Bush's failed energy policy that is eating away at the family entertainment budget because that extra 70 a month in gas is the money that they would have spent on frivolous things like movies.”
 Harry Knowles - “For the last 30 years our cinemas have been ruled by science fiction and horror. We've had some very good Fantasy films in that time period, but for my tastes I still haven't seen fantasy done to absolute perfection. That is the hope I have in this project.”
 Gary Knowles - “I think as far as a one-way door policy goes, we're looking at it as a long-term strategy.”
 Tina Knowles - “Jay doesn't want to manage her. All the rumors about how I'm getting a divorce and I'm going to manage her or Jay is going to manage her ... it's just crazy.”
 John Knowles - “In high school football, things happen. For them, I'm sure it was a big disappointment. For us, we got a first down in that situation and it helped us. We felt good coming out of halftime and knew that if we stayed with the game plan, the kids would come up with the big plays.”
 Solange Knowles - “Any decision I make is based on myself, and the only person I have to give an explanation to is God.”
 John Knowles - “I like the way we came back. Give credit to Shippensburg, those kids played hard. Their secondary was great I thought we'd be able to throw more on them.”
 John Knowles - “I like the way we came back, ... Give credit to Shippensburg, those kids played hard. Their secondary was great I thought we'd be able to throw more on them.”
 Harry Knowles - “They target the film to a sort of rabid fan base, to Superman-friendly groups. By the time the film comes out, the studios will try to convince the American public that their lives depend on Superman, and if they don't see it, they'll be so behind the times, because all the cool kids are seeing it.”
 Beyonce Knowles - “I'm a human being and I fall in love and sometimes I don't have control of every situation.”
 Harry Knowles - “I had the perfect accident for the perfect idea. I was rendered immobile where the only thing I could do is mess with my computer.”
 Jan Knowles - “We're thrilled with the turnout. It's wonderful that the community responds to this event year after year.”
 David Knowles - “There's no question the Alberta community, for example, has been transformed pretty dramatically.”
 Solange Knowles - “We are already paying bills, having responsibilities most people don't have even when they're 24 and haven't graduated from college.”
 Mark Knowles - “It can get lonely right out of high school going to the tour, especially if you are not winning. In college, you are part of a team, which is nice. It's an invaluable experience and I wouldn't trade it for anything.”
 Mark Knowles - “When you play those away matches, some of the crowds are pretty tough they can get brutal on you. College allows you to play a lot of matches with something on the line.”
 John Knowles - “We really did have a club whose members jumped from the branch of a very high tree into the river as initiation.”
 Tina Knowles - “Our line is going to be different from other celebrity lines in that we are really designing it.”
 James Knowles - “It's really the flexibility you're paying for. Although the standard point-and-shoot (digital) is very capable of taking good photographs.”
 John Knowles - “My father was in the coal business in West Virginia. Both dad and mother were, however, originally from Massachusetts New England, to them, meant the place to go if you really wanted an education.”
 John Knowles - “If we could get some grant money, it would ease the burden on the taxpayers of Philipsburg,”

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