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 Al Knutson - “Whitney beat a girl that ran varsity last week and finished in the top 20, so she ran strong.”
 Ken Knutson - “I felt like he could throw 70 or 80 pitches. He is strong, he is in good shape and he pitched well.”
 Al Knutson - “We got out and posted a good first mile. We had an excellent race and bunched up well and were able to do some things we've been working on in practice.”
 Al Knutson - “We had some outstanding runs from our top girls and solid runs all around. We talked about getting out to a good first mile and we did that and were very happy with the results.”
 Al Knutson - “She got a good start and really raced when she got into the last 600 meters winning a good battle with a couple of other girls.”
 Al Knutson - “We are really gearing up for the state meet, it's the one meet we shoot for all year, although I'd be lying if I said we didn't want to have a good meet here.”
 Scott Knutson - “Holly's a very good offensive player. Her strength is her scoring. She takes the puck hard to the net, her skills are as good as any player I saw in the state this year, and she's very competitive.”
 Craig Knutson - “It's hard for me to fathom all the changes in technology that have occurred since I started in the industry.”
 Brian Knutson - “That's how we figured out if they were behaving rationally or not. Did they pick according to all the information they had previously”
 Ken Knutson - “I thought he must have been kidding.”
 Scott Knutson - “I thought our third goal was huge. But they turned the tide, scoring twice to get right back in it. But our fourth goal broke their backs.”
 Al Knutson - “I thought we ran really well. To a runner, we ran faster than last week and got out a lot better.”
 Ken Knutson - “Seeing a lot of teams in a very short time can be a challenge.”
 Scott Knutson - “Crookston really took it to us in the first period. Holly had a couple of chances and she buried the puck both times and that was really the difference.”
 Ken Knutson - “It is going to be a challenge because we are thousands of miles away today and we are essentially only going to get one day off.”
 Scott Knutson - “She's been our leader all year long. That's who we lean on for our offense and she didn't disappoint today.”
 Ken Knutson - “I think the guys knew it was sort of a fluke. We addressed it. I told them that in my career, I don't think we'd given up an eight-run lead in the eighth inning. They had a good, even keel today and played well.”
 Ken Knutson - “He pitched his game. He was outstanding today.”
 Scott Knutson - “I was disappointed in the calls near the end. I think I heard a whistle, and the girls on the ice thought they heard a whistle, too, but they can't do anything about it. South St. Paul showed why they are a true champion. Being 55 seconds away from a championship is disappointing, and it is tough on our girls.”
 Al Knutson - “I thought the guys ran really well considering it was pouring rain and there was a 30 mph wind.”
 Ken Knutson - “I don't know what to tell you. I've been coaching for almost 25 years, and he's got the best stuff I've ever seen.”
 Brian Knutson - “That seems to push people in the direction of avoiding risk if activated too much.”
 Craig Knutson - “People may say, 'My phone bill or cable bill is higher,' but they're getting a lot more than just basic service.”
 Scott Knutson - “We're trying to find a way to reach newer folks that haven't cruised before that want to take multiple vacations during the year. This gives them the option of taking a four- and five-day (cruise). Four-day is over the weekend, so you only lose a couple days of work. Five-day gives us the opportunity to go a little bit deeper into new ports of call.”
 Al Knutson - “It was Leah's last race with us...she's moving to Sidney with her family. We'll miss her.”

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