My Favorite Quotes
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 Kris Kobach - “A law that very specifically said no state can give in-state tuition to illegal aliens unless that state gives in-state tuition to all U.S. citizens, regardless of where they come from.”
 Kris Kobach - “The last time I checked, Utah was not a state that endorses high-stakes gambling.”
 Kris Kobach - “This is a mistake that could cost Utah taxpayers money. Last time I checked, Utah was not a state that supported high-stakes gambling.”
 Kris Kobach - “Article II will trump anything Congress tries to do through statute.”
 Kris Kobach - “I'd like to see Utah correct its error on its own, rather than be forced to do so by a court. The Legislature is betting, potentially, millions of dollars that the Utah statute will stand up in court. Frankly, that's not at all clear.”
 Kris Kobach - “The number one group that suffers when illegal aliens enter the United States en masse is the lower income U-S citizen worker.”