My Favorite Quotes
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 Ann Kobayashi - “We can offer discounts but we can't give away the store.”
 Koji Kobayashi - “The wider-than-expected deficit is due to high oil prices, which have now peaked. The growth in the value of imports will not last as we expect crude prices will cool later this year.”
 Masuhisa Kobayashi - “We expect the core nationwide CPI to rise 0.4 pct year-on-year, for a fourth straight month of non-negative growth.”
 Masuhisa Kobayashi - “Japan's growth prospects look more promising and we are on the threshold of an end to deflation. Yields are set to increase.”
 Koji Kobayashi - “Imports on the other hand are up because of rises in oil prices. Still, on a volume basis exports are growing more than imports.”
 Koji Kobayashi - “This year we have hit record highs for consolidated net sales, consolidated operating income and consolidated net income. These favorable results are due to a continued increase in domestic and overseas car production for Japanese auto manufacturers.”
 Masuhisa Kobayashi - “Inflation concerns are going to push up bond yields. Ten-year yields will rise to 2 percent in the first quarter.”
 Koji Kobayashi - “The size of the income surplus is approaching that of the trade surplus, and this is a trend worth watching.”
 Takeru Kobayashi - “People think that if you have a huge appetite, then you'll be better at it. But actually, it's how you confront the food that is brought to you. You have to be mentally and psychologically prepared.”
 Masuhisa Kobayashi - “The CPI was higher than expected and is supportive for the BOJ. The markets have already discounted an early end to the quantitative easing policy.”
 Koji Kobayashi - “Our goal is to strengthen our global risk management through this captive insurance company.”
 Masuhisa Kobayashi - “Although some government officials and ruling bloc lawmakers remain reluctant toward an early policy shift, there are nearly no objections in the private sector, including the banking industry, the insurance industry and business lobbies.”
 Takeru Kobayashi - “Food fighters in Japan think of themselves as athletes. They have a higher recognition of the game and are constantly thinking about records. I probably won't continue for long because it puts pressure on the body. But I am at the age where I can perform my best.”
 Masuhisa Kobayashi - “Both the U.S. Federal Reserve Board and the European Central Bank have continued to raise interest rates in a businesslike manner regardless of political interference. Why can't the BOJ do that”
 Masuhisa Kobayashi - “Giving a super-clear predictability on the course of monetary policy will not be good for any central bank.”
 Masuhisa Kobayashi - “No one's ever seen anything like this. There can be various patterns to the way the Bank of Japan will exit the policy.”
 Masuhisa Kobayashi - “As the government is growing increasingly receptive to the idea of a policy shift, the central bank could very well change policy as early as March 9.”
 Masuhisa Kobayashi - “There are political pressures from the government and the ruling parties, but the BOJ will lose its credibility as a central bank in the market if it fails to act on its commitment.”
 Masuhisa Kobayashi - “The fact that BOJ acted in the face of resistance from certain government officials and politicians means the market must now focus its attention on the central bank rather than the government.”
 Masuhisa Kobayashi - “If the Bank of Japan takes its first step to end 'quantitative easing' this week ... we believe that it is unwise to assume that the Bank of Japan will continue with zero interest rates for long after ending its policy.”
 Masuhisa Kobayashi - “US yields have continued to rise in anticipation of tightening beyond normalization, and we should also prepare for a paradigm shift in Japan as well.”
 Takeru Kobayashi - “I wasn't overjoyed, but I did feel a sense of accomplishment because I beat my intended quota by quite a large margin. I went there to win.”