My Favorite Quotes
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 Eric Kobren - “People gravitate towards Magellan and it really hasn't let them down for the most part, so I think it says a lot for our economy, it's followed our economy an is responsible, in large measures, for the success that consumers have today.”
 Eric Kobren - “The big news is the fact that AOL has dropped out of the top 10 holdings in so many funds.”
 Eric Kobren - “Peter was good with the media. He gave interviews, he talked about stocks with intensity, people liked that. He's a very, very smart guy. He's an acknowledged leader in the field. And that put a personality to the fund, to Magellan and to Fidelity.”
 Eric Kobren - “It's her decision whether or not she wants to run (Fidelity). She owns the company. Having said that, I think she does deserve this position.”