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 Nancy Koenig - “AMR Research has also reported that reverse logistics account for more than 4.5 percent of total logistics costs, therefore inefficiency can substantially affect a company's bottom line. Integrating reverse logistics processes into the service supply chain can effectively address these challenges and give companies a competitive advantage.”
 Mark Koenig - “I've provided information for six straight days and I don't think I'm done.”
 Mark Koenig - “I guarantee it was pretty shocking to me when I realized it. I called (my attorney) pretty late and roused him awake.”
 Mark Koenig - “My life has been on the line since August 2004.”
 Harold Koenig - “We thought it was a good way to honor my father's service, ... And this is really important because we are losing so many.”
 Mark Koenig - “We had a desire at Enron to beat the consensus estimate by two cents ... we thought it would maintain or increase the stock price.”
 Mark Koenig - “We had a desire at Enron headquarters to beat (the expectations) by 2 cents. We thought it would maintain or increase the stock price.”
 Harold Koenig - “It's time now to redirect resources towards supporting studies that try to understand how religious faith influences people's health and well-being through understandable mechanisms.”
 Nancy Koenig - “As Washington University continues to grow its biomedical and academic research programs, they are realizing the need for one centralized system to help them manage and track often overwhelming amounts of data and reports.”
 Mark Koenig - “They weren't mistakes. I knew they were wrong the day I made them. They were wrong, and they were material.”
 Mark Koenig - “I'm saying the disclosure that it was done for efficiency purposes was wrong.”
 Gary Koenig - “People still want it, that's why the old stars are still doing it.”
 Nancy Koenig - “What makes this demonstration so unique is the detailed information that item-level RFID tracking provides at a low cost. This is one of the most affordable item-level RFID tracking solutions on the market. We've created the Competency Center to show how the Intelligent Supply Chain works and to give our customers an opportunity to see how our solutions work together to create the next-generation extended enterprise.”
 Walter Koenig - “Well, an actor is an actor is actor, to paraphrase someone or other and the opportunity to work, to have a steady engagement, certainly seemed like an appealing concept to me.”
 Mark Koenig - “There were a lot of people complaining about the partnerships, and the amount of money he might have made.”
 Mark Koenig - “I don't know if it was a mistake or a lie.”
 Mark Koenig - “When you made that mistake, you didn't mean to mislead anyone, did you No, I didn't.”
 Mark Koenig - “I don't know what anybody's intent is when they make a mistake.”
 Mark Koenig - “I would love for that to be the amount of time I spend in jail.”
 Mark Koenig - “I would love to keep the money.”
 Mark Koenig - “I don't remember many people who were not surprised at the size of the loss and the nature of the loss.”
 Walter Koenig - “I'm always looking for a low-budget script with an interesting character to play.”
 Walter Koenig - “Religious tolerance is something we should all practice however, there have been more persecution and atrocities committed in the name of religion and religious freedom than anything else.”
 Mark Koenig - “I had no reason to doubt that at that time, no.”
 Mark Koenig - “There was a determination made to report 34 cents that quarter.”

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