My Favorite Quotes
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 Mike Koester - “We kept hearing Fremont this and Fremont that. We were tired of hearing it.”
 Mike Koester - “This is the first time anybody will really have seen the full team.”
 Mike Koester - “Jesse has been training real hard and we can't wait for him to join our high school team next year.”
 Dennis Koester - “I told the girls it can't get any worse, and we've got nothing to do but look forward in the second half.”
 Mike Koester - “That would have tied it up. Whatever could have gone wrong did.”
 Dennis Koester - “They looked good, but she missed them. You can't say it was youth, because she's played so much. You can't fault her, they looked good. You can't fault the effort of any of my kids tonight, it just didn't work out the way we wanted it to.”
 Dennis Koester - “The way we shoot, you're safe anyway. Actually, we always were friends even when we went at each other. Just the competitive nature took over at game time. When that happens coaches don't always see clearly.”
 Dennis Koester - “When you get to that super-sectional, the two teams that get there are good. And if you're going to win the darn state, you've got to play who is in your way anyway.”
 Dennis Koester - “They took a small town like Sullivan and put them on the map. Scott does such a great job. He probably could get blood out of turnip. He could get a Chihuahua to think he could knock a bulldog out of the road.”