My Favorite Quotes
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 Russ Koesterich - “Earnings are the most likely catalyst in the short term. The market is very concerned about inflation and the consumer rolling over because of higher prices. If the outlooks call for strong fourth-quarter sales, then you could see something good happen.”
 Russ Koesterich - “Things have been very distorted by how warm the weather was in January. To some extent, we're trying to get a handle on how it impacted the economy. It helped retail spending and housing starts, but has hurt energy prices.”
 Russ Koesterich - “The selling you're seeing is nearly all on the tech side, and you're seeing resilience in other parts of the market. This tells me that people aren't panicking over Japan or anything else.”
 Russ Koesterich - “The PPI number is one data point that suggests the Fed is going to go further.”
 Russ Koesterich - “There are still some significant headwinds out there, but I have to say, the market has held up pretty well. But ... we're still stuck in the same trading range we've seen for months, and it'll take better news to break out of it.”
 Russ Koesterich - “You're having a little bit of digestion today. The Wal-Mart news is going to an issue that is concerning investors in 2006, which is namely the health of the consumer. Is consumer spending, which has really driven the economy, going to hold up”
 Russ Koesterich - “People are waiting to see what kind of change in policy language is going to accompany that statement. The question is, if the Fed is approaching (a neutral stance), how will its policy change in 2006”
 Russ Koesterich - “You have to ask yourself, if you sever the profitable part of a company from the part of the company that's less profitable, what do you have left To me, this is an area that still has to develop, and I don't necessarily know if I would go forward with that.”
 Russ Koesterich - “I think, overall, we're seeing some friendly economic data that helped the market out. That said, there's not a lot of catalysts out there that could take us much higher, unless oil drops 5 a barrel or the Fed comes out with amazingly clear language in its take on the economy, and neither of those are likely.”
 Russ Koesterich - “The consumer is losing the ability to defend his lifestyle, and that means eventually he'll have to cut back on spending. Whether this will really come to a head in 2006 or 2007 is up in the air, but it's coming.”