My Favorite Quotes
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 Teodoro Petkoff - “The government has a problem it cannot ignore -- a single-colored parliament elected amid a gigantic abstention.”
 Michael Kotlikoff - “We knew that the heart starts to pump at around 9.5 days.”
 Michael Kotlikoff - “These cells have to die, because if they didn't the heart would not function properly.”
 Robert Passikoff - “So, you've got a whole group of new people who have kind of entered into the holiday, and they're spending money.”
 Neal Wolkoff - “It's an idea that's moving closer to the front burner. There's a lot of stocks out there that are listed on other markets that become possible candidates for trading.”
 Michael Kotlikoff - “We learn a lot by taking cells out, chopping them up, and looking at individual molecules. But it doesn't tell us what we need to know about the complex interactions between cells.”
 Steven Berkoff - “The mainstream is generally garbage. Look at the heavily subsidized theaters.”
 Leonard Peikoff - “Each man must reach his own verdict, by weighing all the relevant evidence.”
 Michael Isikoff - “Well, it is true that they did - the Pentagon did impose rules for governing the handling of the Koran in January of 2003, after there had been complaints about the handling of the Koran from detainees, from the International Red Cross.”
 Michael Isikoff - “Well, I think the operating assumption of everybody is that Novak has provided information to Fitzgerald in one form or another.”
 Michael Isikoff - “We also quoted Robert Luskin, Rove's attorney, acknowledging that Rove did speak to Cooper late on the week prior to the article coming out, which would have been July 10 or 11.”
 Michael Isikoff - “There is simply no plausible construction of the known evidence that leaves out Novak either providing a proffer through his lawyer of what he would say if he testified or having testified directly.”
 Michael Isikoff - “No, I did not offer to resign for a second.”
 Michael Isikoff - “Mr. Luskin also says that Rove did not knowingly disclose classified information and did not tell any reporters that Valerie Plame worked for the C.I.A.”
 Michael Isikoff - “I think the bottom line for me and for Newsweek is that there were a lot of - we did retract this specific matter about the Koran and the toilet for the reasons that you just cited.”
 Michael Isikoff - “He wasn't sure exactly which day, but what's noteworthy about that is that is also before Valerie Plame is first identified in the Robert Novak piece that ran on Monday, July 14.”
 Steven Berkoff - “I'm very resistant to most forms of theater.”
 Alex Barashkoff - “That score got us right back in it. I thought Garfield played really well we had to fight for this one.”
 Robert Passikoff - “I liken what Wal-Mart's trying to do in terms of fashion to turning around the Queen Mary at full steam, ... It's not impossible to do. But it's not easy either, and it's going to take quite a long time.”
 Robert Passikoff - “It's difficult, but in these times, when the customer is willing to look around for fashion, it's certainly not impossible for Wal-Mart's new brand to succeed.”
 Robert Passikoff - “It's difficult, but in these times, when the customer is willing to look around for fashion, it's certainly not impossible for Wal-Mart's new brand to succeed,”
 Michael Isikoff - “If - you know, it seems to me that if we see Matt Cooper being carted off to jail today, a lot of people may find that, you know, a very upsetting thing.”
 Bob Mankoff - “It was one that came from real life. I was having trouble getting through to a fellow cartoonist. He kept blowing me off, and I said those words on the phone.”
 Matt Koff - “Going into the game, we were hoping to limit ourselves to no more than 15 turnovers. Any more than that, we knew we'd be in trouble.”
 Robert Passikoff - “They migrated her from villain to victim and now they are trying to show you the softer side of Stewart.”

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