My Favorite Quotes
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 Richard Kogan - “People who are poor enough to receive LIHEAP benefits, such as elderly widows living below the poverty line, are not in a position to absorb a big increase in home heating costs. If these households don't receive more help paying their utility bills, many of them will face excruciating choices between heating their homes, paying the rent, having enough food to last through the month, and meeting other basic needs. Serious hardship is virtually certain to ensue.”
 Richard Kogan - “While some people are talking about 200 billion, a number like 100 billion to perhaps 150 billion might be a better guess as to what's really needed.”
 Richard Kogan - “There was a consensus for more spending for the military it was just a question of how much. You could say the President got more extra spending in part because of the political climate after Sept. 11, but that's speculative...”
 Richard Kogan - “The path of large and permanent deficits on which the government has embarked is unsound public policy and should be reversed as soon as the economy permits.”
 Richard Kogan - “If I were a Republican, I would be scratching my head and saying I had just voted for a bill that would ultimately cost far more than the war.”
 Richard Kogan - “It's hard to sort of have a new commitment for research on alternative fuels when the resources devoted to these projects shrink year after year.”
 Nataly Kogan - “It's really important for parents to understand that the right choice isn't just about academics. If academics is all you're getting out of the experience than you're not getting your money's worth.”
 Nataly Kogan - “The social factor is the one thing students usually say they wish they'd paid more attention to.”
 Nataly Kogan - “Don't worry about what the right answer should be.”