My Favorite Quotes
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 John Koh - “The market is positive about China's insurance industry. The qualified domestic institutional investor program will help companies lift their investment income.”
 Harold Koh - “The thought was to have people who have made an extraordinary contribution in scholarship, public service and judging, because Oscar did, ... Yale Law School stands for excellence in scholarship and teaching, a close knit faculty and staff, public service, and close ties to the profession of law. Oscar's magnificent gift will help us achieve this.”
 Harold Koh - “It endorsed broader press freedom, released numerous political prisoners, and opened the door for genuine political pluralism and elections that are scheduled for this spring.”
 Harold Koh - “We said we were considering a range of responses and that one of them, currently under discussion, is Geneva.”
 Harold Koh - “In too many countries, leaders speak of democracy, yet rig elections, suppress dissent, and shackle the press.”
 Harold Koh - “In China, the government's human rights record deteriorated sharply at the end of 1998 with a crackdown against organized political dissent. Dozens of political activists were detained for attempts to register a political party and three leaders were given harsh sentences in closed trials that flagrantly violated due process.”
 Harold Koh - “China cannot lead or be recognized as a leader unless it is viewed as abiding by universal standards for human freedom.”
 John Koh - “The biggest state-owned banks have already been bought by several investors even before going public so there's not much left on the plate. Investors will go for the smaller banks if they want to play a part in China's fast-growing financial industry.”