My Favorite Quotes
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 Evan Kohlmann - “You have some from poor families, some jobless. You also have individuals that come from wealthy families, that come from a life of privilege and substance and material goods and material wealth.”
 Evan Kohlmann - “steer clear of misleading and irrelevant hierarchical representations of non-hierarchical terrorist groups.”
 Evan Kohlmann - “The original al Qaeda always aspired to use technology in its war on the West. But bin Laden's had been the moment of fax machines and satellite television. Zarqawi is a new generation, ... The people around him are in their twenties. They view the media differently. The original al Qaeda are hiding in the mountains, not a technologically very well-equipped place. Iraq is an urban combat zone. Technology is a big part of that. I don't know how to distinguish the Internet now from the military campaign in general in Iraq.”
 Evan Kohlmann - “I think it's an ominous sign. Whenever there's an attack of this scale going on in London -- it's not just a British thing, it's a U.S. thing too, because most of the time when al Qaeda strikes, it tends to strike in multiple, simultaneous attacks.”