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 Andrew Kohut - “It's fraught with all sorts of social meaning. In the modern era, it's the issue that has most divided liberals and conservatives.”
 Andrew Kohut - “Most Americans still oppose gay marriage, but the levels of opposition are down, and the number of strong opponents is down. This has some implications for the midterm elections if this trend is maintained. There are gay marriage ballot initiatives in numerous states.”
 Andrew Kohut - “With gay marriage there's the whole question of what marriage represents, in what's a religious ceremony for many people.”
 Andrew Kohut - “We still live in a time where people feel threatened, and the Democrats have been at a disadvantage on this issue, and for them to make progress they have to address it.”
 Andy Kohut - “It's a very complicated picture, with people having conflicting views. It's not simply thumbs-up or thumbs-down.”
 Andrew Kohut - “He is not a jocular personality. He's not out talking in the public a lot. Certainly, the Scooter Libby problem, which has really added to the White House woes, is associated with him. All of these things tend to make him a bigger heavy for Bush's critics.”
 Andrew Kohut - “After so long when the polls were deadlocked no matter what happened, now we have a situation where voter opinion is unsettled. There's a lot of uncertainty and you're going to have more variation in the polls than we've had in the past.”
 Andrew Kohut - “This wasn't a definitive debate. Bush didn't put Gore away Gore didn't put Bush away.”
 Andrew Kohut - “this has not been one of the issues at the forefront of debate about the Supreme Court.”
 Andrew Kohut - “Bush is seen as a good protector for the country. The more the perceived missteps, the greater the chances for further declines in support.”
 Andrew Kohut - “Media coverage both shapes and reflects public opinion. The press coverage in the run-up to the war was very pro-war and the country was very pro-war.”
 Andrew Kohut - “Americans are depressed, angry and very worried about the economic consequences of the disaster.”
 Andrew Kohut - “This is an issue that he has to contend with ... restoring confidence that people can take his word for things.”
 Andrew Kohut - “People are drawing their own inferences and conclusions based on what they see on television. The reports of 85 people killed one day and 55 people killed the next day and mosques blown up, it's hard for people not to think that this does not represent instability and a lack of progress.”
 Andrew Kohut - “The threat from Iran has really penetrated, with two of three saying Iran's nuclear program represents a major threat. Among people who have been following news about the issue, there's even greater concern.”
 Andrew Kohut - “The comedy shows have gotten into political satire, and it's been an increasingly important way that some segments of the world get their news. For that reason, the political satire shows look hard for material that comes from the news. Sometimes they don't have to look very hard, like today.”
 Andrew Kohut - “Rebuilding power stations doesn't offset people's concerns about so much violence and the possibility for civil war as time goes by. The slaughter of one Iraqi by another Iraqi is just head-turning.”
 Andrew Kohut - “The Democrats have a much stronger case on domestic issues than they do on this one, unless it begins to look a little more dicey in respect to its effects on civil right of a broader base of people.”
 Andrew Kohut - “This important question of the trade-off of civil liberties and protection is one the public takes very seriously. The public has been reminded recently of the ongoing threat of terrorism and what we should or should not have to sacrifice for our safety.”
 Andrew Kohut - “This important question of the trade-off of civil liberties and protection is one the public takes very seriously,”
 Andrew Kohut - “Attitudes are a little more complicated than thumbs up or thumbs down. Americans do care about Iraq, but it doesn't have the personal impact that the war in Vietnam had. Secondly, this is a more patriotic time. Even though the public is disillusioned with the war in Iraq, it tends to support the concept of preemptive war at a time when most people feel we're at risk.”
 Andrew Kohut - “Our fourth-quarter and full-year 2005 operating results reflect the challenging market conditions in certain parts of our business.”
 Andrew Kohut - “If there's less violence there generally and our people are not getting hurt and there is some feeling that this is a better place than it was, there might be some benefit for Bush -- or at least stop the bleeding.”
 Andrew Kohut - “It's become a rather substantial drag on Gore, amplified by the attention being focused on Mrs. Clinton's Senate campaign.”
 Andrew Kohut - “Maybe I'm alone in this view. But I'd think that Gore, if he were to lose, might have a hard time capturing the nomination because he failed to win at a time of great prosperity and having a president with a 55 approval rating despite 'Clinton fatigue' and all that. Many might argue that the problems were based on the candidate and not on the issues.”

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