My Favorite Quotes
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 Manisha Koirala - “Mrs Giri had told me about this interesting project. And she'd asked me to help her find the right people to work out the venture. So I simply carried out the initial introductions. I'm glad this venture is finally on its way to being performed.”
 Sushil Koirala - “The blockade has already disrupted movement of people and they are unable to attend our ongoing protests against the king in several places.”
 Sushil Koirala - “This is not enough, the King has not addressed the minimum demands of the seven-parties alliance.”
 Sushil Koirala - “It is worthless to talk individually about a republican set up sitting inside a room unless people express their tremendous support for this. If the king does not accept multiparty democracy, human rights and press freedom in the country, we will say that the monarchy is not needed by us either.”
 Manisha Koirala - “It is important we do not give this too much attention. Just as in the early days of the internet, porn was everywhere and later people got bored of it, interest in interest in this too will die a natural death.”