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 Junichiro Koizumi - “should be revised in the future.”
 Junichiro Koizumi - “The government is dealing with the issue based on the wishes of the families, so we are working on the premise they will stay permanently in Japan,”
 Junichiro Koizumi - “It is beyond my understanding why a foreign government interferes with a politician's spiritual affairs and makes it a diplomatic issue.”
 Toshihiro Koizumi - “People will be a lot more selective and pick up only those shares that are highly likely to get a boost from government policy.”
 Junichiro Koizumi - “No growth without reforms.”
 Junichiro Koizumi - “Parliament said it's not necessary, but I've believed it's at the heart of structural reforms. So I want to ask the Japanese people what they really think,”
 Junichiro Koizumi - “It's a matter of the heart,”
 Junichiro Koizumi - “I hope someone with the will to push forward the Koizumi reforms will become the next (LDP) president,”
 Junichiro Koizumi - “The upper house decided that postal privatization is not needed. So I would like to ask the general public whether it supports or opposes it. That's why I dissolved Parliament, ... I will do my best to win the elections so that I can continue the reforms.”
 Junichiro Koizumi - “The situation of each (Upper House) member is different. I have asked (the LDP leadership) to carefully consider it,”
 Junichiro Koizumi - “consider how we can improve bilateral relations between the countries, and also consider how our bilateral relations are important to the two countries, to Asia and the entire world.”
 Junichiro Koizumi - “That the World Exposition has proved such a resounding success is in no small part due to the tireless efforts of more than 120 countries and organizations, individual companies and groups and people from all walks of life,”
 Junichiro Koizumi - “What I say to the Chinese is that a free society is in your interest.”
 Junichiro Koizumi - “Japan must respond as a responsible member of international society and an ally of the United States.”
 Junichiro Koizumi - “the local situation, requests of the Iraqi people and the international situation.”
 Junichiro Koizumi - “First, we will work for the legislature to pass the postal reforms. Then, we will press forward on our principles to privatize what can be privatized and decentralize what can be done by local authorities.”
 Junichiro Koizumi - “The pains felt by Asian countries are our own pains. Disaster in Asia is nothing but ours as well.”
 Junichiro Koizumi - “We share the same indignation to terrorism,”
 Junichiro Koizumi - “I don't think there are many Japanese citizens who are opposed to the government fighting against terrorism,”
 Junichiro Koizumi - “the firm resolve of the United States and President Bush against terrorism.”
 Junichiro Koizumi - “He will resort to all possible means to fight terrorism and I believe this resolve was behind the phrase 'axis of evil',”
 Junichiro Koizumi - “After Galileo was convicted (for heresy by the Spanish Inquisition) for his theory that the Earth revolved around the sun, ... he replied, Still, the Earth is moving.'”
 Junichiro Koizumi - “I am not disappointed in the president's position. (He) is enthusiastic about environmental issues, and there is still time to discuss this issue.”
 Junichiro Koizumi - “I am ready to meet with him any time,”
 Junichiro Koizumi - “There are no surprises this time around,”

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