My Favorite Quotes
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 Tomoyuki Kojima - “It's all up to what's in Koizumi's heart.”
 Hideo Kojima - “Should I use this opportunity to start doing daily headstands”
 Hideo Kojima - “The Subsistence disc will include the a modified version of the single-player mode of Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater. As revealed at E3, it plays the same as the original MGS3, but will feature a number of additions, including more camouflage and face paint options, and a controllable camera angle. First-person shooters are popular overseas, and the camera angle in the original MGS3 wasn't too popular, ... A camera angle engine was already in development, so we decided to add it.”
 Hideo Kojima - “What's troubling is that because the camera is 3D, the northern part of the screen isn't necessarily north anymore. So the jungle transforms into the true meaning of a jungle. For someone with no sense of direction like myself, I get lost in the caves every time.”
 Hideo Kojima - “While Kojima may be ready to move on, the Metal Gear series has been the seasoned Konami director's life's work--so far. I originally wanted to make movies and novels, but I just couldn't do it, ... I was really hyped up about making Metal Gear, since it was going to be a game about war.”
 Hideo Kojima - “Last but not least, the Existence disc features a 3-hour compilation of all the MGS3 cut scenes which have been edited together to play like a real movie. Creating this disc has taken us about the same time as editing a real film, ... It takes a long time to actually play through MGS3, so there are probably people that never finished the whole game. With this disc, anyone can experience the drama in MGS3 and cry.”
 Tomoyuki Kojima - “A decision to stop (the visits) to achieve specific progress in East Asian diplomacy is possible, but he has his own particular philosophy that he upholds.”
 Hideo Kojima - “Finally it is possible to battle with players from around the world online at Metal Gear Solid from the comfort of your own home. For the online mode, the essence of Metal Gear Solid is retained, with additions of various online rules and original stages. With the continued growth of the culture of Metal Gear Solid, this new online addition, I believe will bring a new way to enjoy and experience the world. I hope fans will look forward to experiencing it.”
 Tomoyuki Kojima - “But if you ask whether such a possibility can be derived from the logic of his Asian diplomacy up to now, the answer is no.”