My Favorite Quotes
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 Jeff Hickok - “He's just a sophomore. That was a big win over a good wrestler.”
 David Skok - “There was just very aggressive interest.”
 Jeff Hickok - “We knew they were ready to jump on us after that brawl with Santiago. We weren't wrestling as well as I thought we could, so I was concerned. They were ready to jump on us.”
 Jeff Hickok - “It would have been one heck of a finals match. We thought the bracket was set up wrong. They were the defending champions in their own building ---- how could we be in the same bracket as them”
 David Skok - “That's silly hogwash. We fund people here very, very quickly.”
 Wim Kok - “It chokes me up, ... This is the most terrible thing that could happen to people.”
 Wim Kok - “Part of the time was spent on the Middle East process”
 David Skok - “Marc, you know, he's a wild man. But he's a very, very intelligent wild man. He really got how the open source game worked and how to make money out of it.”
 Jeff Hickok - “The majority of team had a lot of experience from last year. They are a good enthusiastic group which works hard all the time.”
 David Skok - “It's been a lot of hard work leading up to here. We have been working on this particular transaction for the past five or six weeks.”
 Wim Kok - “important signal that democracy functions and continues to function.”
 Jeff Hickok - “Every point counts, whether it's a three-point decision or a pin, or trying to avoid a pin. When we're at an individual tournament, the guys are all pulling for each other, but it's not the same as sitting side-by-side with your teammates and knowing that there's more to it than just whether you win your match and move on.”
 David Skok - “A critical requirement for start-ups is that they've identified an area where pain is extreme, so extreme that a company is willing to deal with a start-up and willing to pay money for it. No question, it's tough.”
 Wim Kok - “Let's be realistic. The voters gave us a huge thrashing. The people of the Netherlands have made a different choice.”
 Jeff Hickok - “As coaches, we all knew it was in the backs of everybody's minds, and on occasion, we'd allude to it. But we didn't want to burden them with it.”
 Jeff Hickok - “The league title is great, but we still have big things ahead and Hemet is going to be tough at league finals and at CIF duals.”