My Favorite Quotes
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 Casey Kolkman - “I don't think as a coach if you are going to ask a kid to do something that is difficult, you can't chew him out if it goes wrong.”
 Casey Kolkman - “I don't have a problem with it, but I want to do it with a kid who has been in the program for a few years and maybe played some as a sophomore. If anything, it may be a simple direction change. We're not going to let him change the entire play.”
 Casey Kolkman - “The scary part is that a lot of guys who have died in the NFL, their doctors hadn't caught (their at-risk conditions). Some of these things, they're scary because they could happen no matter what you do.”
 Casey Kolkman - “If it wasn't Evans, it was going to be Campbell. They've got (fullback Robert) Murphy, Campbell, and Scott getting healthy again. They have a lot of weapons, and their kids play hard on defense.”