My Favorite Quotes
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 Jay Kolpon - “The media environment is getting more fragmented, yet we still want to reach as many people as possible. To reach so many people in such a short amount of time was actually a good value for us.”
 Jay Kolpon - “We decided to ... reach as many people as possible by buying a Super Bowl spot. In our business, you want to reach a lot of people. This vehicle is unprecedented in how many people it reaches in a short amount of time. People tune in to watch the commercial. It's a whole different environment.”
 Jay Kolpon - “You do put pressure on yourself and your product because everybody is paying attention. Our challenge was to make a Super Bowl-worthy message.”
 Jay Kolpon - “Alka-Seltzer has some of the most famous advertising of all time and the brand has withstood the test of time. This was a way to tap into the 75th anniversary. Tapping into the familiar, tried and true seemed a very natural place to go.”
 Jay Kolpon - “We're very excited that we do have Super Bowl-worthy advertising for the pre-game.”