My Favorite Quotes
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 Brian Kolze - “I was really glad to see Kristen out there. Other than one at bat, she was on the ball the whole time.”
 Brian Kolze - “She's exciting to watch because you never know if she's going to hit a single to left, a double off the left-field fence or a home run over the right-field fence. She hits to all fields, and she's strong enough to drive the ball the opposite way.”
 Brian Kolze - “She deserved the opportunity, and she'll do a great job with it.”
 Brian Kolze - “The kids had a great experience with that, and hopefully we'll have an opportunity to play another country and get them that kind of experience again. This is an opportunity to play one of the top five countries in the world in regards to international softball, and that's something that probably won't ever happen again in your career.”
 Brian Kolze - “He's highly visible on campus and off. That's very important because athletics is the one department that is in the public eye every day. Coaches, as well as administrators, need to be visible.”