My Favorite Quotes
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 Paul Konerko - “Only if we win, that's definitely an advantage to all of this. We don't have to answer any of those complacency questions. Those are out the window.”
 Paul Konerko - “As far as this team needing that, we won a World Series last year without a guy wearing a 'C.' So it's obviously not the answer to winning a World Series. I just don't know if it's a baseball thing -- on any team. I mean, I'm flattered by it. I think it's the best compliment I've ever been paid.”
 Paul Konerko - “We knew coming in, he's a gamer between the lines. There were other questions there that people had about things. But really, it has all been positive. He's a guy who gets things out in the open. He's not afraid to say some things that some other people might say under their breath. But there has not been one problem all year. He has been fine.”

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