My Favorite Quotes
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 Tim Koogle - “With the acquisition of Four11's core technologies and resources, we are able to expand our communications offerings and provide a broader range of value-added services for current and new Internet users.”
 Tim Koogle - “Our advertisers keep coming back and spending more money with us.”
 Tim Koogle - “We continue to see strong organic growth across our global network of media properties.”
 Tim Koogle - “Online Anywhere is consistent with our Yahoo Everywhere strategy.”
 Tim Koogle - “Clawing your way up into raw consumer awareness is an interesting thing. It takes something pretty radical to do that, and that package served them really well, leaks and all. Consumers, if they fall in love with you, will forgive you at an early stage in life as long as it's clear you're doing something about it.”
 Tim Koogle - “We made some decisions that were difficult, but which ultimately balance the investment in our growth areas with the adjustments to our near-term business plan to better position Yahoo for long-term growth.”
 Tim Koogle - “There is an emerging opportunity for commerce on the web and this agreement allows Yahoo flexibility in aggressively pursuing this opportunity while retaining 100 percent of the financial benefit of Yahoo shareholders.”