My Favorite Quotes
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 Rhoda Kopy - “You've been in a state of hypnosis thousands of times.”
 Rhoda Kopy - “They work for a very small number of people. If you have a group of 200 people, you're not going to make a personal connection.”
 Rhoda Kopy - “Hypnosis can be extremely powerful, but it is not a magic bullet. If someone is looking for a quick fix where they won't have to do any work, this isn't for them.”
 Rhoda Kopy - “People have developed very inappropriate concepts of what happens. I think, in part, it is because of Hollywood. Hollywood's depiction is someone swinging a pendulum of some sort and gaining control of you. Nothing could be further from the truth.”
 Rhoda Kopy - “Hypnosis is not only a tool to make wonderful changes in your life. It's a way to de-stress. Your pulse slows. Your blood pressure comes down. When that happens, you see things more clearly. You're primed for making changes.”
 Rhoda Kopy - “The behavior may change within one to three sessions, but that doesn't mean it's firmly entrenched in the subconscious. It takes four to six weeks for new behavior to become permanent.”