My Favorite Quotes
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 Paul Koretz - “Under term limits, people know their next race for office is in two or four or six years, and they're looking over their shoulder to see who they need to avoid offending, ... I think that's part of where the abstentions come from.”
 Paul Koretz - “With violence spiraling out of control, we felt we had to do something to reverse the direction of society,”
 Paul Koretz - “the last frontier of bigotry and discrimination.”
 Paul Koretz - “the last frontier of bigotry and discrimination, and it's time we put an end to it.”
 Paul Koretz - “My perception is that animal bills always get a certain amount of ridicule, ... It's hard to get them taken seriously, even though everyone's constituents care a lot about animals. It shouldn't be the case. Nonetheless, it is.”
 Paul Koretz - “It is abundantly clear to me that your agency is unlawfully targeting Mr. Locker in retaliation for his independent legal analysis of your proposed meal period regulation,”