My Favorite Quotes
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 Peter Kornbluh - “It's not only justice, it's poetic justice. The corruption scandal broke the back of his supporters.”
 Peter Kornbluh - “This is probably the most important newspaper capitulation since the New York Times yielded to John F. Kennedy's call for them to not run the full story of planning for the Bay of Pigs. By withholding the country names, the Post is directly enabling the rendition, secret detention, and torture of prisoners at these locations to continue. That is a ghastly responsibility.”
 Peter Kornbluh - “The history of the U.S. role in bringing Pinochet to power is also one that needs to be fully aired, fully digested and then left as history so that we can move on as a country.”
 Peter Kornbluh - “This is a program that incorporates all of the 'Big Brother' operations that the American public has feared from its government all these years and that the Constitution has protected us from -- spying, invasion of privacy, you name it. And Admiral Poindexter, of all people, is now in charge of that program.”
 Peter Kornbluh - “The CIA knew that it couldn't accomplish this type of overt paramilitary mission without direct Pentagon participation -- and committed that to paper and then went ahead and tried it anyway.”