My Favorite Quotes
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 Jay Kornegay - “I'm sure someone is going to bring it up, but what took place there is not related to Las Vegas. It could be years from now, if it ever happens, that we get a team here.”
 Jay Kornegay - “One of these years they will be right. If there is ever a safety or the game goes into overtime, everyone knows the books will take a hit.”
 Jay Kornegay - “Obviously, people know more about the star players, so they have more opinions. People want to bet on players to succeed and on things to happen. It's a tendency we've seen over the years.”
 Jay Kornegay - “Its the calm before the storm, so to speak, because 80 percent of the super bowl, we will take over the last day and a half.”
 Jay Kornegay - “I would say half the action comes in the last two or three days before the season.”
 Jay Kornegay - “The props received a lot of action. The atmosphere was terrific, and people were living and dying with every play.”
 Jay Kornegay - “You never know which prop is going to attract the most action.”