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 Gail Goestenkors - “They do a great job with their traps. I know we'll be a lot better (in the future) for this game.”
 Gail Goestenkors - “We have spurts of greatness. The way we started the second half is the way I'd like to see us play for 40 minutes.”
 Gail Goestenkors - “It was necessary for her growth as a person. She needed to get things in the proper perspective. I told her I wanted her story to have a happy ending. In order to do that, the suspension was necessary.”
 Geoffrey Kors - “The point of the commercial is to continue to build pressure on the governor to sign the bill. His legacy and his place in history is very important to him. We need to remind the governor he is at that place.”
 Gail Goestenkors - “Overall, I was really pleased and I thought it was a great team effort. Everybody coming off the bench played really well for us and that's important.”
 Gail Goestenkors - “I thought it would go down to the wire, so I guess that's what I was most surprised about. We were able to wear them down a little bit. Every game we go into we think our bench is going to be a difference.”
 Gail Goestenkors - “I was just a little worried about fatigue and playing this 11 a.m. game. I was really proud of the team. I thought it took us a little while to get going, but once we hit our stride, I thought we had a nice inside-outside game going.”
 Gail Goestenkors - “Early on, we were the aggressor, and I thought we did a great job. But I thought as the game wore on they became a little more comfortable.”
 Gail Goestenkors - “We knew we had to lock down in the second half, and we really did. I thought that was the difference.”
 Gail Goestenkors - “I thought we came out a little slow. We didn't have the focus that we normally have.”
 Gail Goestenkors - “I don't think being married has made her more mature. I think because she was (already) so mature, it was one of the reasons she knew she was ready to be married. She's always been from the time we recruited her one of the most mature, responsible people that I've ever had the privilege to be around.”
 Gail Goestenkors - “I'm not worried. Every time we've lost, we've learned. Now we have several days to really work on some of the things we need to, to get ready for the NCAA tournament.”
 Gail Goestenkors - “It's not awkward to me at all. Kids transfer all the time. I know she stays in touch with some of the players. We've always just wished her the very best.”
 Gail Goestenkors - “Every time their games went into overtime, they won. I've seen many instances where the pressure is really on, and they come through.”
 Gail Goestenkors - “We were in the locker room and we turned the TV off. It didn't really matter to us who won. They're both excellent teams. We have lost to both of them the last time out.”
 Gail Goestenkors - “She's just such a mentally and physically tough kid. I think especially this time of year, that's what you need.”
 Michael Kors - “We had a very tough time with this, and if you're looking for a job, definitely give me a call, I'd love to hear from you.”
 Gail Goestenkors - “We were a little over anxious to play. We shot the ball well when we got shots off, but to turn it over 31 times, I don't think I've ever seen that from this team. I'm disappointed by that.”
 Gail Goestenkors - “I think being able to get to the Final Four four times is pretty nice. I feel very good about it. I know our team is going to be successful throughout my career so I don't feel the pressure of trying to win another game or win two more games. I know that we can.”
 Michael Kors - “If you don't have outside money, the road is 20 times as long.”
 Gail Goestenkors - “It wasn't just one person, it was everybody. Turning the ball over 31 times - I don't think I've ever seen that from this team. So I'm a little disappointed with that.”
 Gail Goestenkors - “It's always difficult to beat a team three times. It's extremely difficult to beat a great team three times.”
 Gail Goestenkors - “I thought they played an excellent game. I know they've been struggling with their rebounding, and I think they took it out on us today.”
 Gail Goestenkors - “We knew we were coming up against a strong team with a great tradition. I'm extremely pleased with our effort, especially with our defense in the second half, which I felt was the difference.”
 Gail Goestenkors - “I knew they were going to come out fighting and battling and they did. When you've got a team with such tradition and at home, it's a very dangerous combination.”

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