My Favorite Quotes
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 Terry Skorstad - “They can start any time on Friday. Some teams are there at 8 in the morning. They have until 1130 (a.m.) on Sunday to compete. Then tools must be dropped. Everything's done.”
 Robert Korstad - “They've gone to private schools where they've had little contact with minority students and, probably all their life, they haven't been disciplined or punished for these kinds of things.”
 Terry Skorstad - “This year for the first time we're having an Ice Walk. A carver from Maine is putting four to five blocks of ice in front of restaurants that will be lit up. We hope to have more next year, which will make it really nice.”
 Robert Korstad - “Change to Win wants to grow and that means recruiting service workers and non-professional white collar workers, who are often women and minorities. Those people are going to be concerned as much about the value of what their wages are going to buy as about the wages they make.”
 Robert Korstad - “These unions are making a concerted effort to organize. It's the only sector of the union movement that's really growing. The hospitality industry is really dependent on undocumented workers.”
 Robert Korstad - “A lot of people get focused on her identity, and we kind of lose a little bit of how this is a crime against women.”
 Robert Korstad - “Unions have got to find a language that justifies the actions that they are taking, they're going to have to use the language of civil rights.”