My Favorite Quotes
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 Randy Kortokrax - “We knew when it was crunch time he would go to the left side and try to penetrate. But (Marty Assmann) went heads-up on him and did a great job of making him shoot over us in the second half.”
 Randy Kortokrax - “Sometimes the trap game for us is the Saturday game. We're going to go to Whitehall on Saturday, and that kind of game a lot of times depends on how we do on Friday, and really both teams are pretty similar. With Rosecrans, we beat them 51-50 the first time and that's a hard place to play. That'll be a key game, too, in our league.”
 Randy Kortokrax - “We wanted to run as much as we could and force their younger players to make as many decisions as possible, and hopefully they were poor. Now Elgin is a veteran team, so I'm not so sure we want to get in that kind of game with them.”
 Randy Kortokrax - “(The loss to Ready) kind of turned us around. We started bringing (forward Sean Hurley) off the bench and (guard Kevin Connor) has been playing more since the Ready game.”
 Randy Kortokrax - “It'll be an interesting game. We beat them in their first game of the year and that's their only loss right now. I think we match up well against them. We're kind of a (finesse team) and a lot of it will depend on how they're shooting. (Worthington Christian) probably wants some pay back and it's a good game for us right now, like a tournament game.”
 Randy Kortokrax - “Because it's so big, I don't think you can press at the coliseum. We like to run a man-defense and it fits our style of play.”
 Randy Kortokrax - “If you want to win at the Coliseum, you've got to stop penetration, penetrate yourself and play half-court defense.”