My Favorite Quotes
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 Steven Kosiak - “Unfortunately, while substantial progress has been made in some sectors, in many areas Iraq remains far short of achieving the relatively modest goals set out for reconstruction in the immediate aftermath of the U.S. invasion in 2003.”
 Steven Kosiak - “Even assuming, perhaps optimistically, that this gap could be covered by drawing equally upon U.S., international and Iraqi resources, this suggests that an additional 5 to 10 billion in U.S. reconstruction assistance might need to be provided.”
 Steven Kosiak - “People in the White House said Lindsey was way off. It turns out he was. But just not in the direction they thought.”
 Steven Kosiak - “Waiting till the end of the day means you don't have time to get people to react outside of the briefing, although so much of this has leaked. So I guess it does give them some advantage.”
 Steven Kosiak - “Interesting rhetoric ... but the really big (weapons) modernization were left untouched.”
 Steven Kosiak - “Given the critical importance to the war effort of winning the 'hearts and minds' of the Iraqi people, and the generally strong support among Iraqis for reconstruction-related assistance, such a lopsided approach seems, at best, risky.”
 Steven Kosiak - “If you want to have intelligent questions (from the press), you get better question if you give people time to prepare.”
 Steven Kosiak - “It's difficult enough to really react to all the data typically included in defense budget. To not even have access to the basic top line over view before you have the opportunity to question the secretary seems problematic. It doesn't have the out years beyond 2007 usually, in fact in all previous blue tops, it had those numbers.”
 Steven Kosiak - “Currently we're paying for this war essentially on our credit card. We're not raising taxes, we're not cutting other programs to pay for it and that adds to the federal debt.”
 Steve Kosiak - “Funding for the major recommendations will go to Congress in the Defense budget on Monday and Congress will have its say on them.”
 Steve Kosiak - “I would be very surprised to see Congress taking a big whack at this.”
 Steve Kosiak - “In addition, the intercontinental ballistic missile force is aging and it's not clear that the nuclear mission is a big priority anymore for the Defense Department or Air Force. They want to acquire new fighters and deep-strike forces that can be used in conventional, not nuclear conflicts.”
 Steve Kosiak - “You can't do counterinsurgency warfare without a large army. The operations in Iraq and Afghanistan are largely army affairs.”
 Steven Kosiak - “The Army may have a tough time pushing these projected reductions through Congress.”
 Steven Kosiak - “This war is turning out to cost far more than anticipated and not simply because we had to stay in Iraq with far more troops and far longer than the Bush administration expected. Compared to past wars and earlier projections of war costs made by the Congressional Budget Office and others, this war is turning out to be very expensive.”
 Steve Kosiak - “The war is turning out to cost a lot more than anticipated, and not simply because there are far more troops deployed for far longer than the Bush administration assumed.”
 Steve Kosiak - “The QDR is a plan or blueprint of what the Bush administration wants to do the next several years with military forces, but it's not a done deal.”