My Favorite Quotes
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 Jack Kosmicki - “We're not happy about (losing by two points), but at the same time, in a dual meet, we're gonna have 14 people in the lineup.”
 Jack Kosmicki - “He's focused. He gets prepared. When the whistle blows, he's ready. It's hard to not have a down match, but he manages to be up for every match.”
 Jack Kosmicki - “He's just wrestling outside of his mind. He doesn't think anybody can beat him. He knows he is the best. That is so important.”
 Jack Kosmicki - “He's a sponge. You can show him how to make adjustments, and he does it. He's a student. If someone shows him something new, he's gonna try it and work on it, and you can bet that pretty soon, you're gonna see him try it in a live match. He's not afraid to learn. He wants to learn as much as he possibly can.”