My Favorite Quotes
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 John Kosmina - “When you concede dumb goals, you've usually got to pay a price.”
 John Kosmina - “We had a real game for the first time in two weeks tonight and it was one of those that really could have gone either way.”
 John Kosmina - “I'm sure they have thousands of kids who could eventually make it at this level. Give them a chance, not the second-raters they have been bringing from overseas.”
 John Kosmina - “We did enough last week to earn luck this week.”
 John Kosmina - “We're in a situation because of the ways the squads are restricted it makes it difficult, so we need all players on deck who can perform.”
 John Kosmina - “I think there is more pressure on them (the Mariners). We have got nothing to lose. We already have one trophy in the cabinet.”
 John Kosmina - “You have to adapt to conditions, be a bit smart about things.”