My Favorite Quotes
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 John Kostecki - “After a long period of very light winds and difficult clouds, the breeze has finally filled in a little more consistently although its still under 10 knots. At this rate we would take 21 days to complete the leg.”
 John Kostecki - “Chris has been very helpful. We had a full day's training out in the race area on Tuesday and Wednesday. It's a tricky area so the more time we spend there, the more comfortable we will be on Saturday. There is a lot of current, which is not very well documented, and the race course is surrounded by land so conditions can be very shifty.”
 John Kostecki - “It came on us suddenly without warning and brought 55 knots of wind. It took us quite some time to sort things out.”
 John Kostecki - “For the most part, the same boats have been out in front in the big breeze the last three races. It's pretty clear what boats are good in those type of conditions.”
 John Kostecki - “We were all very concerned about the spectators in Rio, but the organizers did a fantastic job of controlling it all. Sailors in this region are very knowledgeable and the local organizing body is outstanding, so I don't think there will be any problems.”