My Favorite Quotes
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 Casey Kotchman - “Jeff appeared to me that he had it. If I thought I could have caught it, I would have. I though he had a better chance of catching it than I did.”
 Tom Kotchman - “He told me, 'Dad, I'm going to be in the big leagues in three years,' and he ended up being right.”
 Tom Kotchman - “We just try to tell our players to keep their mouths shut and play the game right and good things will happen to good people.”
 Casey Kotchman - “It's an opportunity to be here and help the club win, so you want to take advantage of the opportunities you get.”
 Tom Kotchman - “A scout from California with the Texas Rangers said, 'Who's that kid I said, 'He's a high school kid.' I didn't tell him he was my son. ... Other scouts said, 'You know how to evaluate everybody else but your own kid.”