My Favorite Quotes
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 Miloon Kothari - “Failure to immediately comply with human rights standards will deepen the human-induced tragedy already inflicted on the survivors of the tsunami.”
 Miloon Kothari - “Ninety per cent of the people are still living in sub-standard housing.”
 Miloon Kothari - “If people are displaced due to a development project, then it is a violation of their human rights and a violation by the government of its commitment to observing human rights.”
 Miloon Kothari - “Individual states, international agencies including the United Nations and its programs, civil society and the private sector, must redouble efforts towards the realization of human rights worldwide, including rights to disaster-preparedness and disaster response.”
 Miloon Kothari - “You cannot run a government by that kind of direct animosity towards your population because what we are looking ahead to is a much greater disaster.”
 Miloon Kothari - “The silence of major governments in Africa continues to be shocking.”