My Favorite Quotes
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 Mark Kotsay - “We didn't come out flat. They came out and swung the bats well. How can a team come out flat when we know what's on the line It's Sept. 21 and we're 112 games out. They jumped out on us and never let up. They kept their foot on our neck and never let us breathe.”
 Mark Kotsay - “We definitely battled. Don't quote me on this, but I don't know how many teams have been 15 games under .500 and did what we did. This is my eighth season, and -- I've never had this much fulfillment before. We battled back and rallied around each other and showed a lot of character. Every guy gave his heart. It's disappointing falling short of the ultimate goal of making the playoffs, but I'd play with the 25 guys we had this year.”
 Mark Kotsay - “The field is fast, ... Last time I made two errors in a game were throwing errors. I usually don't look that bad.”
 Mark Kotsay - “Young hitters are going to go through their ups and downs. When the offense was hot, those two guys were contributing most of the time.”
 Mark Kotsay - “How can a team be flat when you know what you have on the line We know what this game means. We know what every game means. We're not going to come out flat on Sept. 21 when we're a game and a half out. They came out, they jumped on us, they never let us up. We scored three. They answered back. They kept their foot on our neck and never let us breathe. That's what the game was today.”
 Mark Kotsay - “Tomorrow, as long as I don't do anything crazy today. I feel good today.”
 Mark Kotsay - “The is the first day I've been able to walk around and get up out of a chair.”
 Mark Kotsay - “This team made a good run, showed a lot of character, a lot of heart. We'll finish up the season, but the opportunity of making the playoffs is gone and that's disappointing.”
 Mark Kotsay - “We still have the opportunity now, if we sweep (the Angels), to come out even for the last weekend.”
 Mark Kotsay - “It hit my tip. I couldn't get it into the web. It was a little more over my right shoulder than I anticipated. It would have been a great play to make. It wasn't necessarily one that I expect to make.”
 Mark Kotsay - “It's kind of neat. It's great to see the program produce so many major league players. It's a credit to the school.”
 Mark Kotsay - “I know contract offers were exchanged, and they probably couldn't foresee themselves coming to terms. I think he definitely had a respect for the players and allowed us to handle ourselves as professionals. He was just a good guy.”
 Mark Kotsay - “Even if he doesn't make any moves, the 25 guys in this room are suitable to contend for a championship,”
 Mark Kotsay - “I didn't make the adjustment overnight. Obviously, you work out with a wood bat during batting practice in college and go out to summer leagues like the Cape Cod and the Jayhawk so you actually get 150-200 at-bats using wood. It was kind of a gradual thing for me.”
 Mark Kotsay - “Winning covers a lot of things up. But I'd also say that chemistry plays a factor in winning.”
 Mark Kotsay - “Obviously, we've got four games against them (Angels). We've got to take care of these games first. Macha said yesterday we need a seven-game winning streak.”
 Mark Kotsay - “For the most part, everybody goes about their business. Everybody handles themselves in a professional manner. All we have to do is go out and play. You don't have to rely on someone else's opinion. It's always different in different clubhouses. We just want to remain consistent.”
 Mark Kotsay - “It seemed like everybody on that team liked each other, and when you like each other, you're usually having fun. And if you're having fun with each other, you're probably going to play a little better baseball, so I think the two go hand-in-hand.”
 Mark Kotsay - “I left a small army.”
 Mark Kotsay - “I left a small army on base. We failed to get it done tonight. Now we have four games to get it done.”
 Mark Kotsay - “It got away from us early. When we did try to answer back, they had another answer right back for us. They never let us take a breath.”
 Mark Kotsay - “It's a long road ahead of us. We know we have to sweep them to get back into this thing, ... We have four games to get it done. We were in the reverse role last year. We were up three with nine games to play and the Angels overcame that and went to the playoffs. Hopefully we can do the same.”