My Favorite Quotes
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 Bernard Kouchner - “To manage a non-governmental organization is certainly worse than managing a firm,”
 Bernard Kouchner - “we have been making real progress, significant steps toward stability and democracy. ... The world did not intervene to make Kosovo safe for revenge and intolerance.”
 Bernard Kouchner - “This outrageous act against innocent civilians puts in danger all efforts at democracy in Kosovo. I deplore this crime which occurred in an area where our efforts at retaining a multi-ethnic society in Kosovo has been so intensively focused.”
 Bernard Kouchner - “I was not a typical international civil servant I confess -- ask the Kosovo Albanians, ask the Serbs,”
 Bernard Kouchner - “Chirac seems completely out of the loop. It's all very strange. As a doctor, I can't say whether he's in bad physical shape. But as a citizen, I can say he looks weaker and weaker.”
 Bernard Kouchner - “Let's talk about the future, not about the past. Next time I will be sure that they will not tell me that there is a Serb side and an Albanian side. Here's a hospital that will reach through this bridge.”
 Bernard Kouchner - “Congratulating his successor and wishing him a very productive time, ... He will have many challenges ahead of him ... I hope it will be a fulfilling experience for him, here in Kosovo, as it remains for me.”