My Favorite Quotes
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 Kristen Kovesdy - “John is one of the reasons why I'm tough. I always look for him in the stands during games. When I see him, that's when I have one of the big second halves.”
 Kristen Kovesdy - “We did a good job of keeping our composure through all of that and not reacting to them when they would swing or hit. We just weren't reacting to them.”
 Kristen Kovesdy - “We call her the 'Human ESPN' and she tells me what I need to know. But I haven't even thought much about it because we only take it one game at a time.”
 Kristen Kovesdy - “We can't leave our guards out to hang. Last time, we depended on them too much to guard them.”
 Kristen Kovesdy - “When I get out of the paint, it opens things up for my teammates. If they collapse on me and we hit other people, we get really great shots.”
 Kristen Kovesdy - “It went by so fast. I love this place.”
 Kristen Kovesdy - “We worked harder and we wanted it more. Down to the end, people were diving for balls and getting on the floor.”
 Kristen Kovesdy - “Definitely being on your home court is an advantage for us, but we'll still need to get our turnovers down if we want to win. And hopefully, this week, we won't need to work harder to overcome them.”
 Kristen Kovesdy - “I have the most confidence in this freshman class, they're unbelievable.”
 Kristen Kovesdy - “This year we have a different kind of chemistry. As long as we work together as a team, then yes, we can beat any team on the court if we bring it.”
 Kristen Kovesdy - “We definitely tried to guard them one on one and we weren't helping each other out as much as we need to. They're a very good offensive team and we don't want to play 'score-more' basketball, we want to win with our defense.”
 Kristen Kovesdy - “Our guards did an incredible job of finding us and giving us the ball in great position to score. We were looking inside to attack and when we saw that was working we wanted to stick with it.”
 Kristen Kovesdy - “We need to attack more this time. The guards were getting the ball inside to me, but I wasn't finishing, so I put that on myself.”