My Favorite Quotes
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 Bruce Kovner - “If you personalize losses, you can't trade.”
 Bruce Kovner - “The great thing about sharing it with Juilliard is it opens it up to people with an intense interest. Now a piece can be played and performed in a new way.”
 Bruce Kovner - “It has been great fun to find these manuscripts and pull them together into this collection. I trust that what we are doing at the school will make it possible for Juilliard students and scholars to delve into the compositional processes of these great composers and share them with the rest of the world.”
 Bruce Kovner - “At a certain point I realized that it would be better to make this collection available to the rest of the world rather than to keep it under a mattress.”
 Bruce Kovner - “I started collecting just for the personal pleasure of being close to these icons of the greatest musical achievements in Western music.”