My Favorite Quotes
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 Craig Kowal - “We really thought we had them. They fought back and got back in it.”
 Craig Kowal - “The guys gave me a hard time about that. We practiced some zone in the middle of the season, just getting familiar with the responsibilities, in case we needed it.”
 Craig Kowal - “We got everything going to the basket on offense. We didn't make the free throws to ice the game, but we attacked well inside and got everything in the lane.”
 Craig Kowal - “We've been known around here a little bit for our man-to-man but we switched to a zone against the more athletic teams. We're just focused on one thing with defense and that's getting the job done.”
 Craig Kowal - “I give all the credit in the world to our seniors. This team is so unselfish and focused on winning that's all they care about.”