My Favorite Quotes
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 Don Kowalchik - “I have a hard time seeing the bond market going higher from here.”
 Don Kowalchik - “We're really going to have to wait to see the employment number at the beginning of the month. That's really more the basis for decisions (on interest rates) at the Fed.”
 Don Kowalchik - “But I really think we're on hold for the number coming out tomorrow.”
 Don Kowalchik - “We've got some important numbers. It might take a real surprise number to break out of this range.”
 Don Kowalchik - “It's got to be the real estate number, because everything else this morning has been pretty bond-unfriendly.”
 Don Kowalchik - “Oil is down significantly, stocks are basically flat and bond investors are looking at overall valuations of assets and are perhaps doing a little bit of bargain shopping right now.”
 Don Kowalchik - “The action you are seeing is probably in reaction to selling that has been going on the past few days a recovery that looks technically driven to me.”