My Favorite Quotes
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 Kevin Kowalik - “Realistically, I think we have a good shot at this tournament. Look at all the close matches that we've played this year. The question is just whether we can get the ball to bounce our way.”
 Kevin Kowalik - “This was a great win for us. We wanted to get some revenge after they beat us 5-2 last season. And starting our season 2-0 is a good way to open the year.”
 Kevin Kowalik - “Thomas was just a little off tonight. But I wouldn't read too much into his loss. He's been sick, and that always takes a toll. He's going to bounce back and when it's time for him to win, he'll get some wins for us.”
 Kevin Kowalik - “Mike and Gustavo have definitely been a bright spark for us so far. They're clicking on the court and their personalities seem to mesh.”
 Kevin Kowalik - “Competition at the top spot is always going to be closer because every school has that one standout player in the number one position and those players are naturally better. I thought our guys did very well against a good opponent.”
 Kevin Kowalik - “It's a very prestigious tournament and it'll give us a chance to face some top-notch competition.”
 Kevin Kowalik - “Vlad did great. He beat very good players from some of the California schools. I don't put expectations on the guys, but he wasn't seeded, and if you want to look at it from that perspective, he shouldn't be doing that well.”