My Favorite Quotes
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 Pete Kowall - “We really finished our chances tonight. Our team weathered the storm in the end, scoring a late goal to secure the win. I am really happy with the game tonight. It always feels good to beat a team from a so-called 'higher' conference.”
 Pete Kowall - “We were looking for versatility, as well as some kids who could help us score goals. I think we've done that with this class. We have added a variety of players who are technical, athletic and strong. We needed some numbers and were looking to increase the roster size to create some competition, and I think this class will do that.”
 Pete Kowall - “A versatile player, Amy can play any position. She is quite athletic and good on the ball. She plays basketball, as well, so she is a strong all-around athlete. She is going to help us in many different ways.”