My Favorite Quotes
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 Akihiko Yokoyama - “Yields reached an attractive level, so some buying may come through, especially after the auction went well. Yields already reflect speculation about an economic recovery and a policy shift to some extent.”
 Akihiko Yokoyama - “Investors should prepare for a change in monetary policy. Hold off buying 10-year bonds as yields are going to grind higher.”
 Hiroko Koyama - “Many of these were the first pieces my mother began collecting. One of the most precious is an 11th-century glazed black tea bowl with rainbow colored spots.”
 Hiroko Koyama - “Most of the pieces served a function, such as this bronze oil lamp in the shape of a wrestler. So there's form, function and above all beauty.”
 Hiroko Koyama - “We have first century A.D. blue Roman fresco with birds and leaves and gardens that my mother and I love, and we found it in Switzerland. A similar period piece is a fresco fragment with Cupid , such a little angel.”